Monday, August 22, 2011

Introducing Homeschooling by FAITH

I'm really glad that you're here! I'm super excited that somehow you found my tiny, little piece of the "blogosphere."

I created this space as a way for me to share our family's Homeschooling experiences (I like to call it Family-Schooling) with others. It's nothing fancy, but I hope that you can feel the love that's wrapped within the pages of each post.

I can't really tell you WHAT to expect to find here, because I'm going to let the Lord use me as He will, because I want to keep my motives pure and my heart humble. I do know that I want to keep things light and fun, but purposeful. I can't afford to get "caught up"! I know too well that time escapes you when you're surfing the net, especially the amazing Mom/Homeschooling blogs! Lord, help me! Any-who (my friend Nichole has me saying that,lol)...

I'm a writer by gifting and a talker by nature (trust me, you'll find that out soon, if you haven't figured that out already, lol), so expect random conversations, inspirations, information and just plain old REAL STUFF that hopefully you can relate to. Oh, by the way, God has a tendency to talk to me in acronyms, so be on the look out for divine revelations and inspirations. Sometimes serious and sometimes funny, but always God-inspired!

Are you wondering about REAL STUFF? Well, REAL STUFF is Realizing that Everything ain't Always Lovely and Sometimes Things Unravel and you have to Fight to Focus. REAL STUFF! You know...the piled up laundry that seems to have taken over your family room (even though you have designated laundry days AND a laundry room); the gourmet dinner that turned into cereal and frozen pancakes, because you planned meals for a month, but didn't buy groceries for the week; the date night that turned into disaster, because you just had to talk about what was on your mind; the car broke down and totally blew up your know, REAL STUFF!

So, thanks for stopping by. I would ask you to stay a while, but there's not much here yet! (Ha!) So, check out what IS here and come back again soon! Subscribe by email, so you'll know when there's something new! I hope I made you feel welcomed!

Blessings and FAITH!

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