Monday, September 5, 2011

September 2011 Mission of the Month

Mission of the Month

Ok. This is my very first time linking up with anyone, because I'm new to this whole blogging thing, so work with me! I'M PRAYING I DO THIS CORRECTLY! I was determined to join Mama-Jenn's Mission of the Month for September. I've been checking out her blog for some time now and have been very inspired, but I never took the time to set up a blog, so I could follow along, fellowship and share!

So...if you're actually reading this, that means I'm off to a good start, because one of my goals for September is to join Mama-Jenn's Mission for September! Well, bless Jesus! I'm making progress! Now, if only that were the ONLY goal for this month!

WARNING! LONG POST ALERT! My goals for the month are going to seem rather ambitious, but seeing how we start school next week and I've been having health challenges for almost a year (thyroid problems can really challenge you, seriously - just had a double surgery 1 month ago - not even the thyroid! Thank God for healing grace!), I HAVE A TON OF CATCHING UP TO DO! Lord give me strength and replenish my time!

Note: I have a 1st year High Schooler (Almost 15yr old son); 7th grader (12yr old son); and a 4yr old daughter (I know...big gap, huh? But I got a girl!).

Ok, here it is:

First and foremost, I need to be more consistent w/my time with the Lord, having some early morning and evening time for prayer, reading and studying. Then I should be able to be more focused on the following:

1. Join Mama-Jenn's September Mission of the Month (CHECK!)

2. Finish setting up blog and actually start blogging.

3. Finish preparing everything I need for our Before Five In A Row lessons (all 17 of them - we've rowed 3 so far and very casually. Honestly, each book took forever, but I'm getting the hang of it and I'm feeling much better). Also, I need to decide which Five in a Row books we will row and in which order. Note: Select the books and choose order, NOT plan the lessons! Not THAT ambitious!

I also want to stay a week ahead with Victoria's other curriculum plans.
I don't have to have them all planned right now; I just don't want to be in a scramble on Sunday nights.

4. I also need to create some type of planning sheet that will work for MY brain, so planning will be easier for me. Got some great ideas and inspirations, so I should be able to customize something that will work, PRAYERFULLY.

5. Establish a "system" for meal planning and actually implement it! That means post it up, so everyone can see it and stop asking me before they've even had breakfast, "What's for lunch? What's for dinner?" I suppose having the menu planned out in my head isn't doing any of us any good. lol

6. Start walking! Even if it's in the neighborhood! Gotta start somewhere, right?

7. Finish reorganizing my office (I ripped it apart right before I found out I had to have surgery! Just wow!). I also have to finish the learning areas (the classroom and wherever else we have learning time), but that's mostly planning type of stuff.

8. Get caught up with laundry (specifically, ironing)and maintain it with help from the boys.

9. Finalize the last (I really should say last minute) details for the boys' curriculum (by like tomorrow).

10. Finalize plans for our group learning (which includes some just for fun things).

11. Shell out some IDEAS for teaching African-American History (throughout the year). Note: SHELL OUT as in ACTUALLY GATHER MY IDEAS IN WRITING, NOT A PLAN!

12. Start our new "school" term with a "soft launch" and be in the groove by the end of the month.

13. Learn to allow myself some grace and not feel guilty about it! As well as extend grace and mercy when parenting my kids. After all, Grace & Mercy are what have brought us this far (going into our 6th year of homeschooling - wow...).

14. And last but not least, Have a date with my husband!

Phew!!! I know it looks like a super, duper, monster, task, but it only looks like that in writing! At least that's what I'm telling myself because they are things that HAVE To be done this month. Well, I AM Homeschooling by FAITH - Foolishly Anticipating It To Happen!

Blessings and FAITH!



  1. Hi Genyne,

    I found you through Mama Jen's link-up. Welcome to blogging. I pray you complete your list! I'm looking forward to more posts in the future. I am new to homeschooling and am always looking for ideas/info./advice from those who've been at it a while.

    Take care,

  2. WOW Genyne! That is a long list! The funny thing is that I probably SHOULD have had many of the same goals on my list! ;-) Thanks for linking up! FYI, it looks like you linked up just fine! And, your blog looks great!

  3. @ Mama Jenn...
    Thanks for stopping by, I'm truly honored! Yeah, it is a long list, but it's my reality. I have to get at LEAST those things done. I'm super excited that I linked up without blowing anything up!lol Now I just have to find a "rhythm" for posting! Maybe that will be on next months list AFTER I plow my way through this month!