Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Mission & September Update

Wow! Is it me or did the month of September zoom by? Anyway, here's the update for my very first Mama's Mission of the month. I set very ambitions goals last month, not because I wanted to, but because it's a reality of the things I need to do ASAP. I didn't accomplish everything on my list, but I feel good about what I did accomplish. And honestly, this accountability really helped me get THOSE things accomplished.


Remember, this is really a note to myself that I'm sharing with you guys (for accountability), so I need the details as a part of my accountability to MYSELF, because I can forget the details sometimes as a way of justifying why I didn't get some things done. Just being honest!


1. Join Mama-Jenn's September Mission of the Month -CHECK!

2. Finish preparing everything I need for our Before Five In A Row lessons and decide which Five in a Row books we will row and in which order. CHECK! All of the files are made and I have a schedule and even though I don't have EVERYTHING I need in each fill, yet, I've done enough to feel like I've accomplished enough to give me a peace of mind! Plus, I've discovered some new resources AND I discovered that that's a lot of ink! Wow! The ink and laminating!

3. Stay a week ahead with Victoria's other curriculum plans - CHECK! I'm kind of going with her flow and it's working!

4. Create some type of planning sheet that will work for MY brain - BIG CHECK! This was a MAJOR accomplishment for me! I came up with some planning forms that actually work for ME! I plan to share them soon!

5. Establish a "system" for meal planning and actually implement it! - CHECK! I actually sat down with my boys, got their input and came up with something that will work for everyone, not just me, seeing how I really need their help regularly. Our first official Weekly Menu will be posted on this Sunday, October 9th! I hope to share things soon!

6. Start our new "school" term with a "soft launch" and be in the groove by the end of the month - CHECK!. We are still working out some scheduling kinks; I didn't realize how challenging it would be adding more structure to Victoria's learning. She really requires a lot of attention (sometimes she just craves more to do!), so I think we may be working through this another month or so. I'm very please with our flow, though.

7. Get caught up with laundry (specifically, ironing)and maintain it with help from the boys - CHECK! We are really sticking to our Tuesday and Fridays only laundry days and it's working! I really don't like doing laundry everyday and even with 5 people in the house, this works for us! My oldest son, Canaan (14) has been VERY helpful in this area. It literally takes a load off of me!

8. Finalize the last minute details for the boys' curriculum - CHECK!
We may have to tweak some things, but that's all a part of it!

9. Learn to allow myself some grace and not feel guilty about it! As well as extend grace and mercy when parenting my kids - CHECK! Boy did I need this last month! I breathed a whole lot easier! I think I'll continue this!

Mission Accomplished

OK...I know it looked like I was on a roll, but here we go for the things I DIDN'T QUITE COMPLETE!

1. Start walking - X! Just haven't felt like it! Period! I know it's bad, but I gotta be honest!

2. Finish setting up blog and actually start blogging - X! I actually need to add content to three pages and post about our B4FIAR learning.

3. Finish reorganizing my office - X! It's still ripped it apart! I have been working on it, and you can see the progress, but I'm not finished!

4. Finalize plans for our group learning - X! I've been working on this, but this still needs some tweaking, so I don't feel like I've accomplished what I want to!

5. Shell out some IDEAS for teaching African-American History - X! I still have ideas floating in my head, but I haven't put anything in writing, YET!

6.Have a date with my husband - X! I know. It just didn't happen people! Maybe I should have put it at the top of my list!

Mission NOT Accomplished YET


Mission of the Month

1. Spend some extra special time with my husband outside of the house, without the kids! I think, for me, labeling it a date made it more of a task I HAD do rather than something I WANTED to do, so I'm re-wording it this month. We'll see what happens. We're always together WITH the kids (which we actually enjoy and kinda prefer- I know...weird, but it is what it is), so it really doesn't take much for us. We do have alone time, but it's usually at home. We'll see.

2. Finish setting up the blog and blog about at least one of our B4FIAR rows and share my Planning Forms.

3. Start walking! Canaan asked to join me in the early morning, so that's a bit of motivation for me.

4. Finalize plans for our group learning.

5. Finish reorganizing my office! It's just got to be done!

6. Finalize plans for our group learning. I'm almost there, so this should happen!

7. Shell out some IDEAS for teaching African-American History. I have to put something in writing! At least an outline or and overview of my objectives! SOMETHING IN WRITING!

8. Establish a system for couponing that won't take up a lot of my time. In other words, set some guidelines/budget some time, so I don't get caught up and lose money by spending too much time! I don't know why, but I need a system for everything!

9. Reorganize the current system I'm using! It's time to upgrade to a binder! That means I'm saving money, but I also want to save some time in the process!

10. Continue allowing myself grace (AND NOT FEELING GUILTY ABOUT IT) and extending grace and mercy to my kids! This has been life changing for me, so I'll continue this, but I have to keep it on the list or I'll forget to do it! BLESS Jesus!

11. I also want to continue plugging away at my B4FIAR/FIAR planning until ALL of them are planned out (meaning folders complete with everything we are going to use)!

Well, that's it! Whew! I didn't want the Mission Not Accomplished, Yet button, but I'm more focused now, so I'm OK with the button! PLUS, the beauty of the button is the YET! There's that grace & hope! Thanks Jenn for inviting us on your mission! It's just what I need! I'll work even harder this month! I feel really good, though! I'll be praying for all of my fellow Mamas!


  1. Hi Genyne,

    Congrats on what you were able to accomplish!! The accountability has helped me, too. Blessings to you for your October mission!

    Take care,

  2. Girlfriend, you did ALOT! You are inspiring me!!! Glad that the accountability is working for you!!!