Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to Blogging & Mama's Mission of the Month for August

Wow! It's been almost a year since I've attempted to blog! All I can say is...My how time flies! I'll just say that life happened and I'm fighting back. I think I'm actually ready to blog consistently (I'm going to say MONTHLY and strive for WEEKLY -yes, I'm moving forward by FAITH - Foolishly Anticipating It To Happen).

So much has happened and I have a lot to share; I just have to figure out how to share it all. Well, It's the beginning of August and I have come full circle! I started blogging with a Mama's Mission of the Month almost a year ago, so what better way to get back in the "game." Jenn is such an inspiration to me and so many others!

Well, I MISSED the linky deadline over at, BUT here's my Mission for the Month of August:

Mission of the Month

I'm keeping it simple this month. I really have a lot to do, but if I accomplish the following, I will feel like I deserve that Mission Accomplished Button and will breathe a sigh of relief:

1. Start back walking 5 miles CONSISTENTLY 5-6 days a week (Monday - Saturday). I had gotten up to 5 miles and "something" happened (not sure what...does that happen to anyone else?)and I haven't been in over a month.

2. Change my eating habits and quit using the excuse that I'm an emotional/stress eater! Meal planning will definitely help with this.


3. Have an actual date with my husband! Why is this so hard? Maybe because we always find a reason for the family to do something.

4. Make a conscious effort to make sure that our home is truly my husband's place of refuge and peace.

5. Actually begin reading The Love Dare! I've had it for a while YEARS and keep dusting it off, saying, "I really need to read this."

6. Come up with a new Chore System for the kids. The Boys are teenagers now and the popcicle stick system we use seems a little elementary for them. It works great and I highly recommend it (cheap and easy), but I just think it's time for and update. Any ideas for teens?. I might keep it for Victoria (my 5 year old), though.

7. Read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen R. Covey. We're doing this as our Family Book of the Month as a read-aloud (after dinner and any other time we can fit it in).

8. Make final selections for our curriculum. We don't "officially" start our new grade levels until the Monday after Labor Day. We are working towards a year-round schedule...still figuring that out. Lord, help me!

9. Complete Lesson plans for the upcoming school year. This is mostly for my Kindergartener, but I would love to be at least 3 months ahead for anything that needs to be planned for the boys.

10. Finish our school room. We've moved into the living room, so things are changing a bit! Including needing to purchase smaller desks, and a few other organizational things.

11. Finish reorganizing my office. This could fall under personal as well. It just HAS to be done. Seriously.

12. Finish creating/organizing my Homemaking Planners (Binders). I Know for sure I'm going to need 3 different ones, so if I come back and say that I set-up 2, hold me accountable! PLEASE!!!

13. Establish a Menu plan and actually use it! Life is so much better when I have our meals planned and actually stick to the plan. This helps the whole family. Don't know WHY I'm struggling with this.

14. Go through our supplies and purge/organize.

15. Have a garage sale (with some friends) and donate what's left. It's gotta leave out of the house!

16. Plan whatever projects we want to complete BEFORE the holidays. Note: I said PLAN! Not complete!

17. Get more organized with my couponing. It's definitely working, but I need to be more organized. Ya know...sometimes I put off clipping them and the rest is frustration and money-not-saved history! I wanna save money and time!

18. Prepare for my AWANA class that starts this month and stay ahead with planning for my Sunday class (2nd and 3rd Sundays only).

19. Find a family to "sponsor" by providing them with personal care items and household supplies monthly. May be able to find an organization to just donate to. This is actually going to be made possible through my couponing!

20. Spend some girl time with one of my friends (whoever is available when I am will work). Not a play date! Actual girl time!

21. Actually blog SOMETHING every week this month. I really can do this. I even have a planner to help me (winking @ Jenn, lol).

Well, I said I was going to keep it simple and as I was typing the numbers I thought... "This doesn't seem so simple!" the big scheme of things that need to be done in my life, this list really is simple.

Keep me lifted up in prayer and I'm making a special commitment to pray daily for all of you who linked up with Jenn this month!

Blessings and FAITH!


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