Monday, January 7, 2013

January's Mission of the Month with Mama Jenn

Mission of the Month

Ok....It seems that doing these missions has been more like Mission Impossible for me! I'm not just talking about getting the Mission Not Accomplished stamp! I'm talking missing the linky deadline all together and not getting into the groove to get things done! I know...that's bad. Pray for a sista!

I've been trying to implement Mama's Mission for over a year and I keep failing...MISERABLY! It has nothing to do with the concept but EVERYTHING to do with me! Honestly, I don't know WHAT'S wrong with me, but if I don't get some order very quickly, 2013 is going to fly by just as quickly as 2012 and I will be looking like a deer caught in the headlights wondering what happened.

I am determined to make this work! I have to, because my pursuit of purpose is being hindered, because I've not been TRULY and CONSISTENTLY focused on accomplishing my goals (in any area of my life). Granted, life has thrown be some challenges over the last year and a half (actually I feel like I've been reeling for about 6 years) and finding focus as well as holding on to my faith has been challenging.

However, I can not continue to allow "life" to beat me up and keep walking around like a battered and defeated boxer? I'm sure we have all gone through phases of defeat, but enough is enough. It's time to start fighting back and winning!

Last year our pastor charged us to be more intentional and I found that I INTENDED to do a lot of things, but didn't actually IMPLEMENT too much anything (nothing of much significance, that is. Day-to-day things you need to survive don't really count.) This year he has charged us to focus. So...I'm going to take this year to FOCUS on all the things I INTENDED to do last year (making adjustments along the way).

With that said, I am excited about what God's going to do in my life and my family's life this year, as a result of my dedication and commitment to be Faithful to the things of God and Focusing (and relying)on Him to guide me. My overall mission is to trust God and live by the Word more and stop getting in the way. I AM dreaming bigger dreams for this year and expect it to be a great year, but my focus is purpose. I, like Jenn, am also planning to be more intentional about my family (my husband and 3 blessings, as well as extended family and close friends). Here are my goals for the month of January 2013 (I were wondering when I was going to get to them, huh?):


1. Get up @ 4:30am daily for my personal time for prayer, devotional and preparation for the day. This seems to be the time I automatically wake up, so it just makes sense to structure it.

2. Complete my list of goals for 2013!

3. Establish and Start an exercise routine that includes walking at least 3 times a week.

4. Complete the Proverbs 31 study that I didn't finish.

5. Read one book. I know... it's only one, but for me that's a start. I start reading several, but don't usually complete either of them.


6. Have ONE date night. Having a movie alone in our room is nice,but DOES NOT count!


7. Start having movie night again. The kids have expressed that they miss this.

8. Start having game night again. Something that my almost 6 year old is begging for (her teenage brothers enjoy it too).

9. Get out more: field trips and just out and about exploring our local area! Oh the places we should be going!

10. Create a plan for spending "special alone" time with each kid.

11. Revamp our chore system.

12. Doing something simple and special to celebrate my husband's and daughter's birthdays separately (1/28 and 1/29).


13. Re-evaluate our current schedules and curriculums; plan for any adjustments/changes.

14. Plan for our Advent study for 2013 and be sure to come up with something for the boys. My boys are 13 & 16, but they kind of missed having more structured things planned for them this past Christmas for Advent. This includes prep work too! We totally didn't finish all the ornaments from Truth in the Tinsel...sick child, etc. lack of preparation - eventhough it's already planned for you! So we'll give it a try again this year!

15. Complete lesson plans through March. I know...this should already be done, right? Working on getting better.

16. Plan for St. Patrick's Day (this is something my kids really look forward to), Valentine's Day and Easter/Spring activities. I have some new things I'd like to try.


17. Finalize my meal planning system (you know...what works for MY brain) and start back meal planning. My husband and sons will prepare complete meals but I have to give them a plan. No plan. No meal prepared.

18. Bring order to my office!!! That's probably why my intentions from last year never got implemented! In it's current state... only God can help me with this one!

18. Finish the final decorating/organizing plan for Victoria's bedroom.

19. Organize all of our school stuff! This will probably take a couple of months, because I have to purchase (repurpose, etc.) things. I just have to have it sorted and have a plan by the end of the month.

20. Establish a method for couponing. This can become overwhelming if you're not organized AND disciplined.

21. Make a list of projects to complete around the house.


22. Plan for my AWANA lessons for through March.

23. Plan fun activities/games for my group (Pre-K - 1st)in Children's Church to do upon arrival and after the lesson. This is my responsibilty on our team.


24. Send birthday cards for January birthdays and prepare for February (including Valentine's Day).

25. Create a schedule/plan for making weekly contact with family and close friends that doesn't feel like pressure.


26. Join Mamas Mission of the Month for January!

27. Work on defining and organizing my blog.

28. Post 4 articles (including this one!).


29. Update our budget for 2013.

Whew! Ok, fellow mamas! Let's hold each other accountable! Thanks Jenn for all you do and for being a great example of the Proverbs 31 woman!

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